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According to Wikipedia, Ulysses S. Grant was born in Batavia, and his birthplace is accessible by car. The trail features a variety of historical sites, including the Civil Rights Museum and the Sitting Bull Museum, both of which are associated with the abolition movement.

The museum is open most days of the year and is the perfect place to view hundreds of aviation artifacts. It is open from Friday to Sunday and only for the rest of the week by appointment. It is a museum where aircraft are exhibited and aircraft are exhibited.

The aircraft housed there include the F-16, F / A-18E / F Super Hornet, B-29 Super Tucano, C-130 Hercules and Boeing 747. It houses dozens of aircraft, including the Cessna, Boeing, Lockheed, General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Mitsubishi, McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed Martin. Many of them are found on microfilms from the years 1916 - 1950 and are named after some of them.

Another cool surprise is that the museum is located in an old church, which is right next to an older cemetery. The Loveland Museum has taken over most of the collection - only a few early editions are missing.

The town just outside Batavia is home to one of Ohio's most interesting museums, the Kenton Museum. It was here that the pioneer SimonKenton collided with the Indian warrior Tecumseh during the American Civil War.

Also in Batavia is East Fork State Park, which has 85 miles of hiking trails, and one of the lesser-known places is on the east side of Lake Erie, just a few miles from the Kenton Museum.

The museum is open all day Monday through Friday and houses dozens of aircraft. The museum houses a collection of aircraft, including the World War II F-22 Raptor, the B-29 Super Hornet and the US Air Force F / A-18 Super Stallion.

Join the tour to hear information and stories about the aircraft on display, or visit the museum on your own. Visit the Tri - State Warbird Museum website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more about their activities.

The Clermont County Ohio Genealogy newspaper may contain information of genealogical value, including probate proceedings, tax returns and other information. The newspaper can be reached online at or by calling (714) 888-486-5555.

There are very few topics missing from the paper, but I hope you will find a single theme for the whole year. Ohio tax records supplement the land registers, supplement the annual census and can be used instead of the 1820 census. The Ohio Department of Health has birth certificates filed on or after December 20, 1908, and death certificates filed before January 1, 1954, in the Ohio History Connection, at the Clermont County Department of Health's Center for Health Records and Records. All existing birth or death certificates for Clernon County, Ohio, are in County Probate Court.

An animated map illustrating the changes in Ohio county boundaries is on the rotating map at the Ohio Department of Health's Center for Health Records and Records in Clermont County.

Among the many exhibits is the Ohio Department of Health's Center for Health Records and Records in Clermont County. The list contains information about the history of health care in the state of Ohio, from the first census to the present day.

It consists of a collection of aircraft, including Boeing Stearman 75, Kaydet and Grumman, as well as other U.S. Air Force aircraft. Since 2004, it has been open to the public and houses about a dozen different aircraft to view and study, including the Wright - Wright F-35 Lightning II, F / A-18E / F Super Hornet, B-52 Stratofortress, C-130 Hercules, UH-60 Black Hawk and more. The museum is dedicated Monday to Friday to aviation history and aviation history in the United States and other parts of the world and houses a variety of aircraft, including a Boeing 747, an F / A-22 Raptor, an American Eagle, two McDonnell Douglas DC-9s and a McDonnell McDonnell - McDonnell Dixie, along with several others.

View your calendar to visit the 22,000 square foot museum, which houses a variety of aircraft and a number of other U.S. Air Force artifacts.

The museum is open to the public from Wednesday to Saturday and consists of a large exhibition hall, a museum gallery and a number of other exhibits. The museum honours those who served in the Second World War and is open almost all year round, from Tuesday to Saturday. One exhibit in the museum is the Medal of Honor awarded to Charles F. Rand, the nation's first soldier to volunteer for the Civil War. The fighters in World Wars I and II include aircraft that played an important role in both the US Air Force and the US Air Force during the war.

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More About Batavia