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According to Wikipedia, Ulysses S. Grant was born in Batavia, and according to the US State Department, there are more than 1,000 historical sites within driving distance of the city. The trail features a number of historical sites, including the site of a seat - linked to the abolition movement - and sites of civil rights history.

Also in Batavia is East Fork State Park, which has a 50-mile hiking trail, as well as several other state parks. Other museums nearby include the Museum of Natural History, Ohio State Museum and Ohio State Library.

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Visitors can spend a whole weekend in Batavia and easily visit the many museums, restaurants, shops and other attractions in this beautiful city. You can go golfing, shop, visit museums and enjoy the parks at the various golf courses in the city. Instead of travelling from one place to another, tourists can travel along the Ohio River, possibly to see the path of freedom.

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More About Batavia

More About Batavia